Introducing LipoXTR

Stop Wasting Your Hard-earned Dollars On
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Introducing LipoRmaX

The “Next-Generation” of R-Lipoic Acid

Magnesium Based R-Lipoic that absorbs quickly
for maximum health benefits.

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LipoRmaX  LipoXTR

LipoBio Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality, all-natural formulas. Addressing weight loss, energy and fitness concerns, LipoBio makes a real difference in the lives of millions of people. Based on credible, cutting edge science, we offer “a new kind of natural.”

However, because poor manufacturing can destroy great science, LipoBio partners with the America’s most trusted suppliers and manufacturers. All our supplements are made in the United States in a state-of-the-art facility. What’s more, each product undergoes stringent testing and oversight, to assure that what is stated on the label is actually in the product.

You see, while less-expensive, copycat ingredients proliferate throughout the natural supplement industry, LipoBio believes that anything worth doing is worth doing right. That’s why we refuse to use anything less than the purest, most superior ingredients available in the world.

LipoBio Pharmaceuticals

Science + Nature
“A New Kind of Natural”



Pure, ACTIVATED Weight Loss

Based on the latest scientific research, LipoXTR works by actually changing the way your body reacts to high-fat, high carb foods. So the cravings that made you overweight to begin with virtually disappear. Fat melts away. And you keep the weight off. It ends useless starvation dieting for good!

With LipoXTR you get triple the weight loss power with three of the most effective ingredients shown by science to the best results. LipoXTR contains a balanced combination of African Mango, Senorsil and LipoRmaX – three of the most effective weight loss nutrients. And since it’s natural you won’t experience jitters and negative side effects.

Guaranteed Results! Try LipoXTR risk free for 60 days. In the unlikely event that you don’t lose the weight you want… or if you’re not 100% thrilled in ANY way… we will refund every last cent of your original purchase price, less shipping charges.

  • iconSafer than surgery
  • iconEasier than extreme exercise
  • iconFaster weight loss
  • iconScientifically Proven to WORK!

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The R-Lipoic “Gold Standard”

You are probably familiar with Alpha Lipoic Acid. It’s a powerful compound that protects against oxidative stress generated by high glucose levels. It also supports healthy function of the mitochondria, the “furnaces” that ignite your cells with energy.

Alpha Lipoic Acid comes in two forms: R and S. The “S” form, the type available in most supplements, is produced in the lab and not nearly as absorbable or active. The most active form of alpha lipoic acid is the “R” form, which is the type that the human body uses. R-lipoic acid significantly supports healthy inflammatory response and is an extremely potent antioxidant.

LipoRmaX gives you more energy, better mitochondrial function and far more health benefits than typical R-lipoic acid supplements.

  • iconHighly absorbable, starts working fast
  • iconSuperior antioxidant power
  • iconDramatically boosts mitochondrial function
  • iconMade in the USA

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Guaranteed Results! Your order is backed by one of the strongest guarantees in our industry. Return any unused product that you purchased from LipoBio within 60 days and we'll refund the purchase price. Period.